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Super Scout, Super Person

The Class of 2021 roll call is impressive: Charles WOODSON, Michigan; Drew PEARSON, Tulsa; Peyton MANNING, Tennessee; John LYNCH, Stanford; Calvin JOHNSON, Georgia Tech; Tom FLORES, Pacific; and Alan FANECA, Louisiana State. Perhaps none are more interesting than highly respected Bill NUNN, the “Super Scout” of his time during the Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty years of the 1970s. The sole HBCU representative on this year’s list was a true trailblazer.

West Virginia State College
Senior Scout, Assistant Director of Player Personnel  Pittsburgh Steelers  1968-2014 (46 years) 

Before William “Bill” G. Nunn, Jr. became a renowned sportswriter and super scout in the National Football League, he had already been a part of an amazing experience.
Nunn was a stand-out basketball player on a very talented West Virginia State team that went 26-0 in his senior season. He played alongside future NBA Hall of Famers Chuck Cooper and Earl Lloyd.
Nunn was recruited by the Harlem Globetrotters but decided to pursue a career in the newspaper business.
He joined his father, William Nunn, Sr. at the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the top Black newspapers in the country. He worked as a sportswriter and eventually took over the managing editor desk in the 1960s.
Nunn joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1967 as a part-time scout and was instrumental in building the Steelers’ dynasty of the 1970s. Some of his Black college prospects: JOHN STALLWORTH (Alabama A&M), MEL BLOUNT (Southern), DONNIE SHELL (South Carolina State), L.C. GREENWOOD (Arkansas AM&N), and ERNIE HOLMES (Texas Southern) …(three are in the Hall also). He had a knack for finding other small college talent like JACK LAMBERT at Kent State University.
Honors: Nunn is a member of the Inaugural Class of the Black College Football Hall of Fame. He was enshrined in the Steelers’ Hall of Honor in 2018.

Class of 2020

Harold CARMICHAEL, Wide Receiver, Southern University  Winston HILL, Tackle, Texas Southern    Donnie SHELL, Safety, South Carolina State