ABA/NBA Black College Players 1948-68

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1948Henry DeZonie
Clark University
(Fourth black player to sign a pro contract
6-6F/C--Dayton Rens (NBL)
1950Earl Lloyd
West VA State
1st Black College Player to play in the NBA
6-5 F 9101Washington Capitols
Nat ‘Sweetwater’ Clifton
Xavier, LA
1st Black Player to sign with the Knicks
6-8F--New York Knicks
1951Bob Wilson
West VA State
One of first signees in the NBA
6-4 G--Milwaukee Hawks
1954 Ken McBride
Maryland-Eastern Shore
6-3F/G--Milwaukee Hawks
1955Robert L. Williams
Florida A&M
6-7F--Minneapolis Lakers
1956Bob Hopkins
Grambling State
6-8F/C--Syracuse Nationals
1957Sam Jones
North Carolina College
8-time NBA Champs 1959-69
6-4G/F18Boston Celtics
Bob McCoy
Grambling State
6-10C2-2 10 Detroit Pistons
Joel Ingram
Jackson State
6-0G--Minneapolis Lakers
Max Jamerson
Kentucky State
7-0C553Philadelphia Warriors
Woody Sauldsberry Jr.
Texas Southern
6-7F/C 553Philadelphia Warriors
1958Bennie Swain
Texas Southern
6-8F 1-77 Boston Celtics
1st Black player to sign with the Celtics
Jim Dew
12-380 Detroit Pistons
Joe Buckhalter
Tennessee State
First TSU Tiger to sign a Pro contract
6-7C 12-481Louis Hawks
1959Dick Barnett
Tennessee State NAIA Champs 1957, 58, 59
6-4G1-4 4Syracuse Nationals
1960Al Attles
North Carolina A&T
6-0G5-7 Philadelphia Warriors
GSW 1975 NBA Champs;
San Francisco Warriors/Head Coach
Howard Mills
Grambling State
11-3 76 New York Knicks
1961Cleo Hill
Winston-Salem State
6-1G1-88St. Louis Hawks
George Finley
Tennessee State
7-0 C 4-335 Detroit Pistons
Rossie Johnson
Tennessee State
5-2 43Cincinnati Royals
Bruce Spraggins
Virginia Union
6-5 F5-647 Philadelphia Warriors
Cleveland Buckner
Jackson State
6-9F/C6-151 New York Knicks
Rex Tippitt
Grambling State
9-581 Syracuse Nationals
Herbert Gray
North Carolina A&T
9-682 St. Louis Hawks
Charles Riley
Winston-Salem State
7-766 St. Louis Hawks
Walter Ward
Hampton Institute
8-3 71Detroit Pistons
1962Zelmo Beatty
Prairie View A&M
6-9C1-3 3St. Louis Hawks
Ben Warley
Tennessee State
6-5F/G 1-66Syracuse Nationals
1962 (cont'd)Porter Meriwether
Tennessee State
6-2 G3-5 21Syracuse Nationals
Charles Hardnett
Grambling State
6-8F/C3-3 19St. Louis Hawks
Jackie Jackson
Virginia Union
6-10F/C 5-741 Philadelphia Warriors
Marvin Trotman
Elizabeth City State
6-6F9-372 St. Louis Hawks
1963Hershell West
Grambling State
2-815 Syracuse Nationals
Waite Bellamy
Florida A&M
6-3F4-632 St. Louis Hawks
Al Santio
Maryland State
6-6 50St. Louis Hawks
Hugh Evans
North Carolina A&T
6-1 G 12-2 79St. Louis Hawks
1964Willis Reed
Grambling State
1964 NAIA Champions
6-10C2-1 8New York Knicks
1969, 71 NBA Champs…2-time MVP
Bobby Joe Edmonds
Tennessee State
6'6 F6-3 3 Baltimore Bullets
1964 (cont'd)Ernest Brock
Virginia State
7-0C6-649 St. Louis Hawks
Maurice McHartley
North Carolina A&T
6-3G/F 7-6 58 St. Louis Hawks
Wally Briggs
North Carolina A&T
10-380Philadelphia 76ers
Frank Stephens
6-10C10-481 St. Louis Hawks
Indiana Pipers (ABA)
Richard Glover
Winston-Salem State
11-286 Baltimore Bullets



1964Julius Myers
Morris Brown
12-2 91Philadelphia 76ers
1965Hal Blevins
Arkansas A&M
2-3 10New York Knicks
Bob Love
6-8F4-7 29Cincinnati Royals
Malbert Pradd
6-3G58 Chicago Bulls
Warren Davis
North Carolina A&T
6-6F7-2 51 New York Knicks
Ted Manning
North Carolina College
6-8C/F 7-2 61Detroit Pistons
Lawrence LeFlore
Jackson State
7-44 53Baltimore Bullets
Willie Cotton
Central State, Ohio
9-1 66 San Francisco Warriors
Thales McReynolds
6-3G11Baltimore Bullets
Oliver Jones
Albany State
6-11C13-5 94Cincinnati Royals
1966Ron Jackson
5-1 41 New York Knicks
John Comeaux
Grambling State
6-5F7-9 68 Chicago Bulls
Guy Manning
Prairie View A&M
6-6F10-387 Baltimore Bullets
Houston Mavericks (ABA)
1967Earl Monroe
Winston-Salem State
1967 NCAA Div. Player of the Year 1967 NCAA Div. II Champions
6-4G1-21Washington Bullets
1972 NBA Champs, NY Knicks
James Jones
Grambling State
6-4G/F 2-113Baltimore Bullets
New Orleans Bucs (ABA)
Thomas Washington
Cheyney State
6-7F5-7 50 Cincinnati Royals
James Reid
Winston-Salem State
1967 NCAA Div. II Champs
6-6G5-10 53Philadelphia 76ers
New Orleans Buccaneers (ABA)
Frank Card
South Carolina State
6-7F7-10 77Philadelphia 76ers
Ed Manning
Jackson State
6-7F8-180Baltimore Bullets
Cincinnatus Powell
, Portland, Xavier, LA
6-7F/C8-566 St . Louis Hawks
Arvesta Kelly
Lincoln, MO
6-2G8-685St Louis Hawks
Robert Allen
Arkansas A&M
9-19-1+2Baltimore Bullets
Dallas Chaparrals (ABA)
Walt Simon
6-6F/G12New Jersey Nets (ABA)
Bill Bradley
Tennessee State/Evansville
5-11G Kentucky Colonels (ABA)
Tyrone Britt
NC Central /JC Smith
6-4FSan Diego Conquistadors(ABA)
David Gaines
6-1GKentucky Colonels (ABA)
Tommy Lee Bowens
Grambling State
6-8FDenver Rockets (ABA)
Johnny Mathis
6-6FNew Jersey Nets (ABA)
Willie Porter
Tennessee State
6-7FOakland-Pitt Pipers (ABA)
John Postley
6-5FPittsburgh Pipers (ABA)
Willis Bennett
Winston-Salem State
6-3GDallas-Houston Rockets(ABA)
Willis Thomas
Tennessee State
6-2GDenver-Anaheim (ABA)
Al Jackson
6-1GCincinnati Royals
Al Beard
Norfolk State
6-9CNew Jersey Americans(ABA)
1968Ken Wilburn
Central State, Ohio
6-6F4-939Philadelphia 76ers
Rich Johnson
Grambling State
6-7C4-1046Boston Celtics
Ed Chapin
6-4C5-454Baltimore Bulletts
Carl Fuller
6-9C5-656Floridians (ABA)
Calvin Martin
Texas Southern
6-569Cincinnati Royals
Oscar Smith
Elizabeth City State
6-8C7-1169Atlanta Hawks
Aaron Sellers
Jackson State
8-193San Diego Rockets
Melvin Jones
Albany State
6-10C8-12104Philadelphia 76ers
Mack Daughtry
Albany State
6-3G9-11117Atlanta Hawks
Carolina Cougars (ABA)
Sylvester Adams
North Carolina A&T
10-8 128 New York Knicks
Henry Watkins
Tennessee State
11-10144Atlanta Hawks
Dwight Waller
Tennessee State
6-6F10-11131Atlanta Hawks
Lee Davis
North Carolina A&T
10-13133Phoenix Suns
Roy Manning
12-1148San Diego Rockets
Ted Campbell
North Carolina A&T
G12-11158Philadelphia 76ers


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