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Lance Cudjoe, Langston
Larry Cudjoe, Langston

Hank & Jake Ford

Hank Ford, Maryland State,  Guard  CIAA Player of the Year NAIA All All-American

Jake Ford, Guard, Elizabeth City State,  Seattle Supersonics

Caldwell Jones, Albany State  Center/Forward  Philadelphia 76ers  1973

Charles Jones, Albany State    Center/Forward    Phoenix Suns     1979

Major Jones, Albany State  Forward   ABA/Portland Trailblazers  1976

Melvin Jones, Albany State  Center/Forward  Denver Rockets        1968

Oliver Jones, Albany State    Forward   Cincinnati Royals   1966

Wilbert Jones, Albany State  Forward   Los Angeles Lakers  F/A

Jones Brothers, Albany State

Audie & Sylvester Norris, Jackson State

Audie Norris, Jackson State   Center Portland Trailblazers

Sylvester Norris, Jackson State  Center  San Antonio Spurs

Eugene & Purvis Short, Jackson State

Eugene Short, Jackson State Forward  ABA/New York Knicks

Purvis Short, Jackson State Forward  Golden State Warriors

Larry & Stephen Stewart, Coppin State
Larry Stewart, Coppin State  Forward  Washington Bullets (F/A)

Stephen Stewart, Coppin State  Guard  Free Agent

warleysBen Warley, Tennessee State Guard/Forward Syracuse Nationals

Elliott Warley, Tennessee State  Guard  (Not shown)

Eva & Gloria Freeman, Jackson State

Eva Freeman, Jackson State  Guard

Gloria Freeman, Jackson State  Guard

Lisa & Robbie Powell, Jackson State

Lisa Powell, Jackson State Forward

Robbie Powell, Jackson State  Guard

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