Thomas A. Hughes


Washington, DC                     

Dunbar High School, 1921

West Virginia State University ’25  B.A.

Cornell University M.S, Biology



Tennessee State University 1945-68

Dunbar High Star won multi-medals in swimming during the segregated competitions in 1915


Tennessee State’s first swimming coach  1945


Coached the Tiger Sharks to the Black College National Championship  1950-54


Tiger Shark Swimming Team in his 23 years produced top swimmers like Stanley Gainor, Clarence Bell, and Bruce Bradford, James Featherstone


In 1947, Hughes was instrumental in helping head coaches Thomas Johnson of Howard University, and Sylvius “Sid” Moore of Hampton Institute to form the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Swimming League.


Hughes coached the Tigers from 1945-68.


In the 1950' s, the District of Columbia began to shift in ethnicity majority as many migrant blacks and educators settled in the capitol city. 


Central High School, once predominately white, was renamed Cardozo High School and it's indoor Swimming Pool became open to African Americans. 


Before then, the only indoor pools available to African Americans were at the Dunbar High School and the 12th St. YMCA.