...Headed to Jackson State

other one … they fell off (again). It was devastating for him. Jackson State and ASU were the only two schools left.
Sanders, who plans to study business or engineering in college, is scheduled for surgery on his right knee over the summer. He’ll begin the arduous process all over again, so he can be medically cleared when Jackson State opens practice in August. His coach gave Jackson State coach John Hendrick and his staff credit for sticking by Sanders. The 6-foot-2, 165-pound Sanders said the school was “excited and legit about me coming there and you knew they cared about me as a player. It was tough down the road but if it was meant to happen, it was meant to happen,” Sanders said.
“You just have to get past it. I’m going to rehab and get back to playing as soon as I can.”
Sanders is learning a lesson of perseverance he can pass on to others. “One thing I would tell people, don’t get caught up in what happened and lose your identity if you get something taken away from you,” Sanders said. “I love football and it was hard. It hurt me. But I had to stay strong and work to get it back.”
Jackson State head football coach John Hendrick is confident, “I’m not worried about that (Sanders’ injury history),” he said. “I’m not worried about him as a football player.

The way they are now with science, you tear your ACL and you’re coming back better than you were before. If it was back in my day, I’d be worried as heck.” And there he was in the school gym in a suit and bowtie, signing a letter of intent for a full football scholarship to Jackson State.