An Ace on the Court

The era of the American Tennis Association spawned collection of avid tennis players who played apart from the more established clubs. They still managed to build a impressive legacy which evntually led to interracial competition. Jimmy McDaniel was a pioneer who displayed the brashness to challenge the establishment which led to opening the door for others like Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe, Bessie Stockard and Dick Cohen, to name a few. 

Jimmy McDaniels, Xavier, La

ATA newcomer Jimmy McDaniel, Xavier , LA

McDaniels with Don Budge

McDaniel played the first interacial match against Grand Slam champion Don Budge

(cont’d from Home page) champion Don Budge (winner of the first singles Grand Slam in 1938) in exhibition match that garnered wide attention. The exhibition match took place at the ATA affiliated Cosmopolitan Tennis Club in Harlem on July 29, 1940, before 2,000 spectators. Although he lost the match,
6–1, 6–2, he gained the respect of the
white tennis establishment with his poise and professionalism.
McDaniels dominated the ATA National Men’s Singles title in 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1946. He paired with his college teammate Dr. Richard Cohen to win the Doubles title in 1939 and 1941; and with James Stocks in 1946 and with Earthna Jacquet in 1952.

Jimmy McDaniels, Xavier, La

McDaniels dominated the ATA singles in the 1940s

Richard Cohen, Xavier, LA

…teamed with Richard Cohen up to win ATA doubles

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