DRAKE RELAYS: Show Place in the Midwest

In 1961, Tennessee State’s Wilma Rudolph competed in the first women’s 100 meters competition, and Bob Hayes came into national prominence in 1962. Both were among the hundreds of Olympic gold medalists who competed at Drake Stadium. The list reads like a “Who’s Who” including Bruce Jenner, Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens, Frank Shorter, Gwen Torrence, and Jeremy Wariner. At the 2012 Olympic Games, there were 113 former athletes who performed in Des Moines, Iowa at the Jim Duncan Track.
Here is a list of former Black college athletes who won acclaim at the Midwest classic.  

Bob Hayes, Florida A&M

Stan Wright, Texas Southern

1962      Bob Hayes, Florida A&M

1979      Essie Kelly, Prairie View A&M
1980      Essie Kelly, Prairie View A&M
1997      Lorraine Graham, Lincoln, PA

April 1983  Sprint Medley Relay (2,2,4,8)       3:12.19   Alabama State     

28 April 1989   4 × 200m Relay      1:31.96       Texas Southern  (Linda         
          Eseimokumoh, Beatrice Utondu,
          Dyan Webber, Mary Onyali)
25 April 2015  4×110m Shuttle         
 Relay    52.94   USA Blue

           Jason Richardson, Aleec Harris,
           Aries Merritt, David Oliver)

Women’s Events
25 April 2015     400m

           Francena McCorory (Hampton)   

120-Yd High Hurdles

Willie Stevens, Tennessee A&I       
Long Jump           
Ralph Boston, Tennessee State           (inducted 1966)

Stanley Wright, Texas Southern/FDU       
  1951-84 (inducted 1984)

Dwight Reed, Lincoln University, MO
  1949-95 (inducted 1985)

Hoover Wright, Prairie View A&M   
  1961-2003 (inducted 1986)
Dave Bethany, Texas Southern
  1970-95   (inducted 1991)
Charles Paxton, Southern
  1973-81   (inducted 1991)
Barbara Jackett, Prairie View A&M
  1966-91  (inducted 1996)
Victor Thomas, Lincoln University, MO
  2002 – present   (inducted 2012)

Ralph Boston, Tennessee State

Ralph Boston, Southern

David Oliver, Howard University

David Oliver, Howard

Francena McCorory, Hampton

Long Jump            Ralph Boston, Tennessee State  26-1 ¼   (World Record)

Triple Jump           Paul Emordi, Texas Southern      55-3 ¼   (University)      
400-Meter Dash    Francena McCorory, Hampton) Adidas  50.13 (University)
4×100-Meter Relay           Lincoln, MO                39.57      (College)
Sprint Medley Relay         Prairie View A&M    3:14.43y   (College)
4×800-Meter Relay           Prairie View A&M    7:23.7y     (College)
4×200-Meter Relay           Texas Southern       1:31.96     (University)
4×200-Meter Relay            Lincoln, MO             1:34.84     (College)
4×400-Meter Relay            Lincoln, MO             3:34.52     (College)
800-Meter Medley Relay  Prairie View A&M    1:38.76    (University-College-Women)

Francena McCorory, Hampton Left)

Victor Thomas, head track coach, Lincoln, MO

Victor Thomas, Lincoln, MO

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