BCS History & Legends



Allen, Twana, Coppin State 
Ajayi, Lola, Hampton 
Akinfe, Cadriesha, St. Augustine’s 
Akinremi, Omatayo, Alabama A&M
Aladefa, Taiwo, Alabama A&M 
Badgett, Cynthia, Saint Augustine’s 
Baskerville, Estelle, Tennessee St
Bartholomew, Jacinta, Ala. A&M 
Beckford, Shelly, Alabama A&M 
Belle, Roberta, Morgan State 
Bernard, Nicketa, Saint Augustine’s 
Bourne, Cherylann, Alabama A&M 
Brown, Carolyn, Alabama A&M 
Brown, Earlene, Tennessee State 
Brown, Shandria, Lincoln, MO 
Bruff, Dionne, Alabama A&M 
Camagie, Layphane, CentralState,O
Cameron, Nandelle, Lincoln, MO 
Campbell, Annakay, Lincoln, MO 
Cheeseborough, Chandra, Tenn. St 
Chikwelu, Chinweoke, Ala. A&M 
Clarke, Eldece, Hampton University
Clark, Jearl Miles, Alabama A&M 
Coachman, Alice, Tuskegee Inst
Crear, Cecelia, Prairie View A&M
Crowder, Shirley, Tennessee State
Cummings, Carlene, St. Augustine’s
Dailey, Lynnsey, Fort Valley State
Daniels, Isabelle, Tennessee State
Davis, Kia, Saint Augustine’s
Davis, Marquita, Saint Augustine’s
Davis, Patricia Ann, St. Augustine’s
Dodson, Janet, Morgan State

Douglas, Sabrina, Saint Augustine’s
Edwards, Bridgette, Central State, O
Edwards, Latisha, Prairie View A&M
Faggs, Mae, Tennessee State
Ferguson, Kwonya, St. Augustine’s
Ferrell, Barbara, Tennessee State
Fisher, Jennifer, Saint Augustine’s
Fitts, Janet, Tuskegee University
Flakes, Bettina, Paine
Ford, Kenya, Prairie View A&M
Fortune, Brett, Hampton University
French, Yvette, Prairie View A&M
Fuller, Sharlene, Fort Valley State
Giscombe, Andrea, St. Augustine’s
Glosova, Katerina, No. Car. Central
Goode, Edithridge, Alabama A&M
Goode, Rowena, Tuskegee Univ
Grant, Beverly, Lincoln, MO
Gray, Christine, Prairie View A&M
Gordon, Ingrid, Central State, Ohio
Graham, Lorraine, Lincoln, MO
Hackett, Semoy, Lincoln, MO
Hall, Ann, Saint Augustine’s
Hardy, Cathy, Fort.Valley State
Haughton, Karlene, St. Augustine’s
Hawkins, Regina, Saint Augustine’s
Haye, Yanique, Lincoln, MO
Hemmings, Deon, Central State, O
Hill, Nikki, Clark Atlanta
Holmes, April, Norfolk State 
Holmes, Irish, Saint Augustine’s
Hudson, Martha, Tennessee State
Hughes, Latisha, Benedict

Hutchins, Tameka, Alabama A&M
Ikomi, Esther, Alabama A&M
Islam, Samaiyah, Saint Augustine’s
Jackson, Grace, Alabama A&M
Jackson, Nell, Tuskegee Institute
Jones, Barbara, Tennessee State
Jones, Rhondale, Lincoln, PA
Kay, Anna, Lincoln, MO
Kidd, Sandra, Central State, Ohio
King, Latoya, Lincoln, MO
Lawler, Evelyn, Tuskegee Institute
Lawrence, Judith, Norfolk State
Liles, Johnsie, Saint Augustine’s
Mackey, Camelia, Southern-NO
McNabb, Mary, Tuskegee Institute 
Madeline Manning, Tennessee St
Patterson, Audrey, Tennessee State
Patton, Jean, Tennessee State
Pendergast, Davita, Lincoln, MO
Phillips, Veronica, Saint Augustine’s
Pierre, Barbara, Saint Augustine’s
Pitts, Diana, Coppin State
Randall, Allison, Morgan State
Ray, Lesper, Tuskegee Institute
Riley, Judith, Lincoln, MO
Robb, Carlene, Norfolk State
Robinson, Hyacinth, Kentucky State
Robinson, KerryAnn, Lincoln. MO
Robinson, Olga, Alabama A&M
Rodriquez, Libia, Saint Augustine’s
Rolle, Chantel, Southern-NO
Rosbrough, Lisa, Prairie View A&M
Rowe, Millicent, Alabama A&M

Royal, Rosetta, Norfolk State
Rucker, Tomi, Saint  Augustine’s
Rudolph, Wilma,Tennessee State
Scoff, Kim, Saint Augustine’s
Sims, Adriane, Saint Augustine’s
Smith, Angelique, Saint Augustine’s
Smith, Marlene, Lincoln, MO
Smith, Sherdon, Central State, Ohio
Spence, Vivienne, Hampton Univ
Spencer, Levern, Albany State
Starlin, Caroline, Central State, O
Sterling, Audrea, Central State, O
Stevens, Rochelle, Morgan State 
Sturrup, Chandra, Tennessee State
Taylor, Sherlese, Saint Augustine’s
Thomas, Carla, Lincoln, MO
Thompson, Moya, Lincoln, MO
Tricard, Louise, Historian
Tyus, Wyomia, Tennessee State
Vereen, Wendy, Morgan State
Walker, Shanaka, Saint Augustine’s
Watson, Martha, Tennessee State
Wells, Kellie, Hampton University
White, Marilyn, Tennessee State
White, Willye, Tennessee State
Whitehead, Kim, Morgan State
Williams, Lucinda, Tennessee State
Williams, Melleasenah, Hampton 
Williams, Shermaine, J.C. Smith
Wiltshire, Maureen, Hampton
Young, Dannette, Alabama A&M
Young, Erica, Saint Augustine’s
Yusef, Fatima, Southern-NO

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