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Mike Davis
Virginia Union

Rick Mahorn

Mike Gale
Elizabeth City State

Lauderdale, Priest, Central State,Ohio
Lawson, Alfred, Florida A&M
Lee, Ernest, Clark College
Lemelle, Martin, Grambling State
Lewis, Frank, Sr., Tennessee State
Lewis, Lawrence, Morehouse
Linder, Louis, Kentucky State
Lloyd, Earl, West Virginia State
Lockett, Gerald, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Loder, Kevin, Alabama State
Lorthridge, Ryan, Jackson State
Love, Bob, Southern
Mack, George, North Carolina A&T
Mack, Rodney, South Carolina State
Mackey, Claudie, Elizabeth City State
Mahorn, Rick, Hampton
Manigault, Earl, Johnson C Smith
Manley, Joe, Bowie State
Manning, Ed, Jackson State
Manning, Guy, Texas Southern
Manning, Roy, Lane
Marquetti, Lionel, Hampton
Martin, James, Clark Atlanta
Mason, Anthony, Tennessee State
Mayfield, Ken, Tuskegee Institute
McClain, Ted,Tennessee State
McCoy, Bob, Grambling State
McDaniel, Shawn, Saint Augustine’s
McGill, John, Alcorn State
McHartley, Maurice, North Carolina A&T
McKinney, John, Norfolk State
Melton, George, Cheyney
Mercier, Juan, Xavier
Merriwether, Porter, Tennessee State
Miller, Cedric, Hampton
Milligan, Mike, Tennessee State
Mitchell, Barry, Norfolk State
Mitchell, Tommy, Florida A&M
Monroe, Earl, Winston-Salem State
Moore, Ron, West Virginia State
Moran, H, Lincoln, MO
Moton, Levelle, North Carolina Central
Morgan, James, Maryland Eastern Shore
Murray, Ronald, Shaw
Myers, Julius, Morris Brown
Neal, Bennie, Fort Valley State
Neal, Fred, Johnson C. Smith
Neal, Lloyd, Tennessee State
Nichols, Joe, Winston-Salem State
Nickens, Harry, South Carolina State
Nickens, Jerry, Tougaloo
Norris, Audie, Jackson State
Norris, Sylvester, Jackson State
Northington, Gregg, Alabama State
Norwood, Willie, Alcorn State
Nunn, Bill, West Virginia State

Oakley, Charles , Virginia Union
Obanner, Kenny, Jackson State
Owens, Sheldon, Shaw
Pace, Joe, Md-Eastern Shore
Paige, Robert, Houston Baptist
Parker, Columbus, Johnson C Smith
Paulin, Tom, Winston-Salem State
Perry, Bernard, Howard
Perry, Rubin, Tennessee State
Pharr, Gregory, Tennessee State
Phelps, Michael, Alcorn State
Phills, Bobby, Southern
Pitts, Richard “Pop”, Norfolk State
Pope, David, Norfolk State
Porter, Willie, Tennessee State
Pradd, Malbert, Dillard
Pridgen, Joe, North Carolina Central
Pritchett, Curtis, St. Augustine’s
Pullins, Al, Morris Brown
Ratliff, James, Howard
Reed, Willis, Grambling State
Reedus, Donald, Alabama A&M
Reid, James, Winston-Salem State
Reynolds, Tommy, Winston-Salem State
Rhodes, Robert, Albany State
Riley, Charles, Winston-Salem State
Rirkendal, Rich, Norfolk State
Roach, Anthony, Ft. Valley State
Robinson, Len, Tennessee State
Rogers, Carlos, Tennessee State
Rogers, Steve, Alabama State
Sanders, Frankie, Southern
Sanders, Robert, Miss Valley State
Satterwhite, James, Tenn. State
Sauldsberry, Woodrow, Jr.,
Texas Southern
Scott, Kirk, Norfolk State
Scott, Merle, South Carolina State
Seals, Bruce, Xavier
Seals, Donald, Jackson State
Sellers, Aaron, Jackson State
Shavers, Norman, Jackson State
Shepard, Sam, Delaware State
Sherrill, Mark, Johnson C. Smith
Short, Eugene, Jackson State
Short, Purvis, Jackson State
Sillmon, Frank, Alabama A&M
Simon, Walt, Benedict
Simpson, Kenny, Grambling State
Sinclair, Donald, North Carolina Central
Skinner, Talvin, UMES
Smallwood, Anderson, Tuskegee
Smith, Antwain, St. Paul’s
Smith, Al, Jackson State
Smith, Mark, Ft. Valley State
Smith, Elmore, Kentucky State

Smith, Larry, Alcorn State
Sparrow, James, North Carolina A&T
Spraggins, Bruce, Virginia Union

Spriggs, Larry, Howard
Stephens, Phil, South Carolina State
Stewart, Larry, Coppin State
Strothers, Eric, Jackson State

Swain, Benny,  Texas Southern
Talley, Ralph, Norfolk State
Taylor, Willie, LeMoyne Owen

Terry, Bernard, Winston-Salem State
Terry, Carlos, Winston-Salem State
Thornton, John, South Carolina State
Tippett, Rex, Grambling State

Tolbert, John, South Carolina State
Toth, Andy, Cheyney
Trotman, Marvin, Elizabeth City State
Tullis, Walter, Delaware State
Wagner, Ondray, Alabama A&M
Walker, Shawn, Elizabeth City State
Wallace, Ben, Virginia Union
Waller, Jamie, Virginia Union
Ward, Harry Wufang, Wilberforce
Ward, Harry, Jackson State
Ware, Alden, Florida A&M
Ware, Nate, Tennessee State
Warley, Ben, Tennessee State
Warley, Elliott, Tennessee State
Warner, Cornell, Jackson State
Washington, Tom, Cheyney State
Watson, Reuben, Miss Valley State
Watts, Donald, Xavier
Webster, Marvin, Morgan State
Wertz, Gene, Tennessee State
West, Fred, Texas Southern
West, Herschell, Grambling  State
Whitfield, Dwayne, Jackson State
Wilborn, Ken, Central State, Ohio
Williams, Claude, North Carolina A&T
Williams, Earl, Winston-Salem State
Williams, Joe, Alabama State
Williams, Kenny, Elizabeth City State
Williams, Louis, Xavier
Williams, Milt, Lincoln, MO
Williams, Travis, South Carolina State
Willis, Howard, Grambling  State
Wilson, Bob, West Virginia State
Wilson, Clarence, Tennessee State
Wilson, Gregory, South Carolina State
Wilson, Jackie, Johnson C. Smith
Wilson, Jim, Cheyney State
Wright, Larry, Grambling State
Wright, Stirling, Lincoln, MO
Yarbrough, Jerry, Jackson State
Young, Jerry, Allen
Young, Roy, Florida A&M

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