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College football evolved in the first part of the twentieth century. In the Black communities, early teams were competing against high schools teams (i.e. Tuskegee Institute High School, Pearl High School (Nashville, TN). As the future generations of educated Blacks came found their way into the colleges, there emerged a wealth of talented and hungry students who quickly picked up the nuisances of the sport of football. That created a family of dedicated teachers and coaches who spent decades developing great teams and athletes. This directory exemplifies those who have become legends and icons of the sport.

Abbott, Cleve, So. Dakota State
Alexander, Charles, Lincoln, MO
Anderson, W.E., Langston
Allen, Buddy, Ark-Pine Bluff
Archer, Samuel, Colgate
Archie, Bill, West Virginia State
Atkins, Bob, Grambling
Bailey, Willard, Norfolk State
Baker, John, Norfolk State
Banks, Earl, Iowa
Banks, Oree, Indiana
Bell, Bill, Florida A&M
Bragg, Jubie, Talladega College
Breaux, Inman, Virginia Union
Bright, Gene, Tennessee State
Broadway, Rod, N. Car.Central
Bryant, James, Texas Southern
Caldwell, Mark, West Virginia State 
Caldwell, Tom, Elizabeth City
Casem, Marino, Xavier
Cauthorn, A,C., Howard
Clemmons, H.O., A-Pine Bluff
Clemons, Ed, Morris Brown
Coleman, Alvin, Tennessee State
Collick, Bill, Wesley College
Cooley, Archie, Jackson State
Crews, Louis, Alabama A&M
Danzy, Theo, Tennessee State
Davis, Bill, South Carolina State
Davis, Oliver, Tennessee State
Davis, Walter, Tennessee State
Drew,Dr. Charles, Amherst
Dorsey, Larry, Tennessee State
Downs, Toby, Tuskegee Institute

Durley, Alex, Texas Southern
Early, James, No. Carolina A&T
Elias, Homer, Tennessee State
Ellis, Tellis B., Jackson State
Fisher, Dwight, Morehouse
Flynn, James, Central State, O
Frazier, Henry, Bowie State
Freeman, Fred, Miss. Valley
Gaines, William, Fayetteville State
Gaither, Alonza Jake, Knoxville
Gayles, Caesar F., Morehouse
Gentry, Howard, Tennessee State
Gilliam, Joe, Sr., Tennessee State
Gordon. W.C., Jackson State
Grant, Jason, Wiley College
Graves, Artis, Morris Brown
Graves, Harry, Wilberforce
Hall, Sylvester, Virginia State
Hamblin, Adolph, W.VA State
Harper. William, Wiley
Harris, Tom, Wilberforce
Hayes, Billy, No. Car. Central
Hill, Robert, Jackson State
Hines, Emory, Grambling
Howell, Hornsby, No. Carolina A&T
Hubbard, Rudy, Ohio State
Hunt, Maurice, Kentucky State
Hurt, Eddie, Lincoln, PA
Jackson, Edward, Howard
Jackson, Robert, No. Carolina A&T
James, George, Alabama State
Jarvis, Ray, Norfolk State
Jefferson, Harry, Virginia State
Jeffries, Willie, So. Carolina State

Jimerson, Art, Norfolk State
Joe, Billy, Villanova
Johnson, Lloyd, Bethune Cookman
Jones, Marion ‘Jap’, Wiley 
Jones, Mike, Tennessee State
Kean, Henry A., Fisk
Kemp, Ray, Duquesne
Lattimore, Henry, Jackson State
Lavan, Al, Delaware State
Ledbetter, Bob, Miss. Voc. Industrial
Lee, Melvin, Grambling
Lewis, Gaston, Wilberforce
Little, Shannon, Tennessee State
Long, Harry P., Paul Quinn
Long, Fred, Milikin College
Lovett, Walter, Virginia State
Mack, Richard, N. Carolina Central
Markham, Houston, Alcorn State
Marshall, Ernest, Howard
Martin, Harold, Virginia Union
McCain, Vernon, Langston
McClairen, Cy, Bethune-Cookman 
McGirt, Eddie, J. C. Smith
Merritt, John A., Kentucky State
Messina, Tony, Florida A&M
Moore, Steve, Tennessee State
Moore, Sylvius, Hampton Institute
Morrison, Ed, Howard
Mumford, Arnett, Wilberforce
Myrick, Willis, Florida A&M
Nicks, Billy, Morris Brown
Owens, Ross, South Dakota State
Paige, Rod, Jackson State
Pettiford, Ken, Delta State

Piggott, Bert, No. Carolina A&T
Porter, Doug T., Xavier
Pough, Oliver, So. Carolina State
Price, Dick, Hampton Institute
Reed, Dwight T., Minnesota
Richardson, Pete, Dayton
Riddick, Herman, NC Central
Ritcherson, Les, Wiley College
Robinson, Eddie G., Leland 
Sawyer, Arthur, Tuskegee Institute
Silvey, Rozelle, Tuskegee Institute
Slater, Willie, Tuskegee Institute
Smith, Gideon, Michigan State
Smith, Hampton, Miss Valley
Spears, Melvin, Grambling
Spinks, Jack, Alcorn State
Stevens, James A., Kansas State
Taylor, Joe, Western Illinois
Turpin, John, Norfolk State
Varner, Al, Florida A&M
Walker, James J., Central State, O
Watson, Louis, Howard
Wheeler, Dwight, Tenn. State
White, Mike, Albany State
Whitehead, J.L., St. Paul’s
Williams, Doug, Grambling
Williams, C.H., Hampton Institute
Wilson, Brutus, Shaw
Wilson, Harrison, Kentucky State
Wilson, Steve, Howard
Woodard, Ken, Tuskegee Institute
Woody, James, Central State, O
Wyatt, Alvin, Bethune-Cookman



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