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Lem Barney, Sr., Jackson State    Defensive Back
Detroit Lions    1967
SWAC/Black College Football Hall of Fame/Pro Football Hall of Fame

Lem Barney, Jr.,  Jackson State (Not shown)    Defensive Back

Robert Brown, Alcorn State     Defensive End    St. Louis Cardinals    1967
(Not shown)

Raymond Brown, Alcorn State    Defensive End     St. Louis Cardinals    1967
(Not shown)

Alvin Coleman, Sr. , Alcorn State    Quarterback    College Coach 
Tennessee State Hall of Fame

Alvin M. Coleman, Jr., Tennessee State    Defensive Back /Wide Receiver    
(Not shown)  Minnesota  Vikings    1967

Charles Davis, Alcorn State    Halfback    New England Patriots    1973 (Not shown)

Clifton Davis, Alcorn State    Fullback    New York Giants    1973 (Not shown)


Charles Fields, Jackson State    Tackle    Free Agent    1982

Michael Fields, Jackson State    Guard    Free Agent 1981 
Rufus Fields, Jackson State Tackle    Free agent    1980

Joe Gilliam, Sr., West Virginia State    Quarterback    Coach    1951
Tennessee State Hall of Fame

Craig Gilliam, Tennessee State   (not shown) Wide Receiver    Coach    1966

Joe Gilliam, Jr., Tennessee State    Quarterback    Pittsburgh Steelers    1968

Edgar Hardy, Jackson State    Guard                          San Francisco 49ers  1973

Larry  Hardy, Jackson State    Tight end   (not shown)        New Orleans Saints    1978

Robert Hardy, Jackson State    Tackle   (not shown) Seattle Seahawks    1979

Al Holland,  North Carolina A&T    Quarterback    Free Agent    1974

Glenn Holland, North Carolina A&T    Halfback    Free Agent    1977 

S.E. Hunter, Tuskegee Institute    Left end                      N/A        1913

V. Hunter, Tuskegee     Right end N/A        1913

Fred McNair, Alcorn State         Quarterback 
Kansas City Chiefs   1991

Steve McNair, Alcorn State       Quarterback
Houston Oilers     1995

Carlton Oates, Florida A&M        Defensive tackle
Oakland Raiders         1965

Riley Oates, Florida AM               Defensive tackle
Green Bay Packers        1973

Eddie Payton, Jackson State    Halfback
Detroit Lions     1977

Walter Payton, Jackson State   Halfback
Chicago Bears   1975
SWAC/Black College Football Hall of Fame/Pro Football Hall of Fame 

Carlos Pennywell, Grambling State    Wide Receiver
New England Patriots            1981                     

Robert Pennywell, Grambling State    Linebacker
San Francisco 49ers              1980                      

Gloster Richardson, Jackson State        Spilt End
Kansas City Chiefs         1967                     

Thomas Richardson, Jackson State    (not shown)       Split End
New England Patriots    1969

Willie Richardson, Jackson State           FL/SE
Baltimore Colts               1963 

Ken Riley, Sr., Florida A&M       Quarterback
Cincinnati Bengals       1969

Ken Riley, Jr., Florida A&M        Defensive back           

Eddie Robinson, Sr., Leland College      Quarterback
All-time winningest Coach
Grambling State 1941- 97
SWAC/Black College Football Hall of Fame

Eddie Robinson, Jr., Grambling State    Quarterback       
Free agent            1989

Robert Smith, Grambling State       (not shown) Defensive end
Minnesota Vikings           1985                     

Sean Smith, Grambling State    End/Tackle                
Chicago Bears                 1990