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In 1892, two Black college teams met in a snowstorm and forged a rivalry and started a coalition of other Black college football teams that was the forerunner of today.
Early black college football national championship were considered mythical. In 1920, all that changed when an Black College National Champion was named by the Pittsburgh Courier at the end of the season.
Black college football flourished during the following decades, despite the Depression and World War II. Early dynasties were built at Howard University, Tuskegee Institute, Talledega College and Wiley College.
From the 1940’s on, Grambling College emerged behind the leadership of Hall of Fame Eddie Robinson. By 1949, he had developed bona fide pro stars in Paul “Tank” Younger (their first draft choice in the National Football Association) and Junious Buchanan. But he was not without formidable competition. Florida A&M was jump starting a 30-year span when they constantly claimed top spot in the Pittsburgh Courier ranking and had numerous players advance to the pros. Among the other top teams, Prairie View A&M had a pro prospect in quarterback Parnell Dickinson, and Tennessee State, Southern, and Morgan State were well represented in the pro leagues.
The influx of top talent continued well into the 1970s until integration prompted a drain of the top athletic and academic talent that Black colleges normally enrolled.
However, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) still compete at a high level and annually achieve above expectations.


Adams, Julius, Tex Southern
Alexander, Ray, Florida A&M
Alexander, Willie, Alcorn State

Allen, Nate, Texas Southern
Alston, Mack, Maryland State
Ambrose, Ashley, Miss Valley
Anderson, Curtis, Central State,O
Anderson, Eddie, Ft. Valley State
Anderson, Ezzret, Kentucky State
Anderson, Roger, Virginia Union
Archie, Bill, West Virginia State
Arnold, William, Alcorn State
Atkins, Gene, Florida A&M
Bacon, Coy, Jackson State
Bailey, Edwin, So Carolina State
Baker, John, No. Carolina Central
Ball, Michael, Southern
Ballard, Howard, Alabama A&M
Balthazar, George, Tennessee State
Barkum, Jerome, Jackson State
Barlow, Reggie, Alabama State
Barnes, Ernie, NC Central
Barnes, Johnnie, Hampton Institute
Barnes, Pete, Southern
Barnes, Reggie, Delaware State
Barney, Lemuel, Jackson State
Barney, Milton, Alcorn State
Barnwell, Malcolm, Virginia Union
Bass, William, Tennessee State
Baxter, Brad, Alabama State
Bell, Curtis, Ft. Valley State
Beasley, Derrick, Winston-Salem
Beaucamp, Al, Southern
Bedford, Leon Belser, Arkansas AM&N
Belton, Willie, Maryland State
Best, Joe, Ft. Valley State
Bethea, Antoine, Howard
Bethea, Elvin, NC A&T
Blaylock, Anthony, Winston- Salem
Blount, Kermit, Winston-Salem
Blount, Mel, Southern
Board, Dwaine, N C A&T
Bolton, Ron, Norfolk State
Boozer, Emerson, Maryland- State
Boss, James, Tuskegee Institute
Bostic, Jonathan, Bethune-Cookman
Boyd, Malik, Southern
Boyette, Garland, Grambling
Brackins, Charlie, Prairie View A&M
Bradden, Warren, Southern
Brayboy, Jack, Johnson C Smith
Brazile, Robert, Jackson State
Breaux, Inman, Virginia Union
Breeden, Louis, NC Central
Brim, Michael, Virginia Union
Brooks, Larry, Virginia State
Brown, Bob, Ark-Pine Bluff

Brown, Boyd, Alcorn State
Brown, Charlie, SC State
Brown, Darryl, Virginia State
Brown, Elijah, Alcorn State
Brown, Ivory, Ark-Pine Bluff
Brown, John, NC Central
Brown, Robert, Alcorn State
Brown, Roger, Maryland State
Brown, Roosevelt, Morgan State
Brown, Show, Tex Southern
Brown, Vincent, Miss. Valley
Brown, Wallace, Tuskegee Institute
Brown, Wendell, Lincoln, PA
Brown, Willie, Grambling
Browne, Arthur, Wilberforce

Bryant, Waymon, Tennessee State

Buchanan, Junious, Grambling

Buck, Vince, Central State, O
Buggs, Kermit, Norfolk State

Burfoot, Anthony, Virginia State
Burkett, Chris, Jackson State

Burley, Clarence W. Jr., Tuskegee
Burrough, Ken, Texas Southern
Bussey, Barney, SC State
Byrd, Adolph, Grambling

Byrd, Franz, Lincoln

Byrum, Carl, Miss Valley
Caldwell, Tyrone, SC State
Carmichael, Harold, Southern
Caroline, J.C., SC State
Carson, Harry, SC State

Casey, Tom, Hampton Institute
Gilliam, John, SC State

Cauthorn, A.C., NC Central
Chavous, Barney, SC State
Chester, Raymond, Morgan
Childers, Elijah, Prairie View

Christy, Earl, Maryland State

Clark, Al, Grambling State

Clark, Charles, Bethune-Cookman

Clark, Robert, NC Central
Clements, Jesse, St. Augustine’s
Clinkscale, Dexter, SC State

Coates, Ben, Livingstone
Cofield, Tim, Elizabeth City

Coger, William, Alabama State
Coleman, Greg, Florida A&M
Conner, Darion, Jackson State

Cook, Anthony, SC State

Corbett, Billy, Johnson C Smith

Corbin, Mark, Central State, O

Cornish, Frank, Grambling
Cropper, Marshall, Maryland State
Dabney, Edward, Hampton Institute

Davis, Henry, Grambling

Davis, Slug, Southern

Davis, Steve, Delaware State
Davis, Willie, Grambling
Dean, Fred, Texas Southern
Dean, Walter, Grambling
Day, Tom, NC A&T
Dennis, Al, Grambling

Dennis, Steve, Grambling
Denson, Moses, Maryland State
Dent, Richard, Tennessee State
Dickey, Eldridge, Tennessee State
Dickinson, Parnell, Miss Valley
Dixon, Hewritt, Florida A&M
Donnell, Larry, Grambling State
Doss, Reggie, Hampton Institute
Dotson, Alphonse, Grambling
Douglas, Hugh, Central State, O
Downs, Oscar, Tuskegee Institute
Driver, Donald, Alcorn State
Driver, Herman, Texas Southern
Drummond, Robert, Tenn State
Drungo, Elbert, Tennessee State
Dusenberry, Bill, Johnson C Smith
Early, James, NC A&T
Edgerton, Tim, Delaware State
Edwards, Cid, Tennessee State
Edwards, Glen, Florida A&M
Elam, Cleveland, Tennessee State
Ellis, Ken, Southern-Baton Rouge
Ellison, Willie, Texas Southern
Etinerson, Benj, Tuskegee Institute
Evans, Charles, Clark Atlanta
Evans, Donald, Winston-Salem
Evers, Medgar, Alcorn State
Faison, Derek, Howard
Farley, James, NC A&T
Faulkner, Jeff, Southern
Feacher, Ricky, Miss Valley
Ferguson, Charley, Tennessee St
Flakes, J.H., Tuskegee Institute
Florence, Drayton, Tuskegee
Forbes, Buck, NC Central
Ford, Audrey, Texas Southern
Ford, Len, Morgan State (Michigan)
Francis, Wallace, Ark Pine Bluff
Franks, Elvis, Morgan State
Frazier, Leslie, Alcorn State
Fullard, Ike, Norfolk State
Funches, Tom, Jackson State
Fuqua, John, Morgan State
Gadsen, Oronde, Winston-Salem
Gainey, Fred, Alabama A&M
Galimore, Willie, Florida A&M
Gallion, Ted, Bluefield State
Gant, Eric, Grambling State
Garrett, J.D., Grambling
Gentry, Curtis, Maryland-E Shore
Gentry, Howard, Florida A&M
Gilchrist, George, Tennessee A&I
Giles, Jimmy, Alcorn State
Gilliam, Joe, Jr., Tennessee State
Gilliam, John, SC State

Ginn, Hubert, Florida A&M
Glover, Andrew, Grambling

Glover, James, Kentucky State
Graves, Terrence, Winston-Salem

Green, Arthur, Tuskegee Institute
Green, Curtis, Alabama State
Greenwood, L.C., Arkansas AM&N

Gregg, Eddie, Winston-Salem
Gregory, James, Grambling
Griffin, Leonard, Grambling
Griffin, Pete, Florida A&M
Grimes, Greg, Morgan State
Hairston, Carl, Maryland-E Shore
Hammond, Bob, Morgan State
Hanley, Alvin, Kentucky State
Harbison, Herbert, NC A&T
Harper, Dwayne, SC State
Harrell, Gary, Howard
Harris, James, Grambling
Harris, Richard, Grambling
Harris, Robert, Southern
Harris, Tom, Wilberforce
Harris, William, Bishop
Harrison, Henry, Tuskegee Institute
Hart, Harold, Texas Southern
Harvey, Earl, NC Central
Hattchette, Matthew, Langston
Hawk, Bernard, Bethune-Cookman
Hawkins, Clarence, Florida A&M
Hayes, Bob, Florida A&M
Hayes, Brandon, Central State, O
Haynes, James, Miss Valley
Haynesworth, Leroy, Norfolk State
Heard, Maurice, Tuskegee Institute
Heflin, Victor, Delaware State
Hegman, Mike, Tennessee State
Henderson, Thomas, Langton
Hicks, Michael, SC State

Hill, Winston, Texas Southern

Hines, Ernest, Norfolk State
Hodge, Sheldon, Florida A&M

Holder, Chris, Tuskegee Institute

Holland, Glen, NC A&T
Holland, Vernon, Tennessee State

Holmes, Earl, Florida A&M

Holmes, Ernie, Texas Southern

Holmes, Lester, Jackson State

Holmes, Robert, Southern
Holston, Mike, Morgan State

Holt, Isaac, Alcorn State

Hooker, Alan, NC A&T

Hoover, Terrence, Delaware State

Houston, Ken, Prairie View A&M

Howard, Billy, Alcorn State

Humphrey, Claude, Tennessee State
Humphrey, James, Texas Southern

Humphrey, Ron, Miss Valley

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