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Huntley, Richard, Winston-Salem St
Hurst, Maurice, Southern
Irons, Gerald, Maryland State
Irving, Louis, Morehouse 
Jackson, Harold, Jackson State
Jackson, Onree, Alabama A&M
Jackson, Rich, Southern
Jackson, Tavaris, Alabama State
James, Daniel, Tuskegee Institute
Jamison, Leon, Tennessee State
Jeralds, Luther, No. Car. Central
Jarvis, Ray, Norfolk State
Jeter, Eugene, Arkansas Pine Bluff
Joe, Jimmy, Morgan State
Johnson, Carl, Jackson State
Johnson, Charlie, St. Paul’s
Johnson, Edward, Grambling State 
Johnson, Ezra, Morris Brown
Johnson, Gary, Grambling State
Johnson, John H, South Carolina St
Johnson, J. Leonard, Bishop
Johnson, Lloyd, Bethune-Cookman
Johnson, Mitchell, Texas Southern
Johnson, Napoleon, Florida A&M
Joiner, Charlie, Grambling State
Jones, David, Delaware State
Jones, David, Mississippi Vocational
Jones, Ed, Tennessee State
Jones, Jacoby, Lane College
Jones, James, Bishop
Jones, Joe, Tennessee State
Jones, John J., Fisk
Jones, Kirby, Texas Southern
Jones, Melvin, Southern
Jones, Tyrone, Southern
Jones, Tyronne, Grambling State
Jordan, Willie, Winston-Salem State
Joseph, Clarence, Central State, O
Judson, William, South Carolina St
Kappel, Franz, Delaware State
Kean, Bill, Howard
Kearney, Jim, Prairie View A&M
Kelly, Leroy, Morgan State
Kendall, Joe, Kentucky State
Kendall, Tracy, Alabama A&M
Killings, Fred, Howard
King, Herbert 
Kinnebrew, Larry, Tennessee State
Kornegay, Robert, No.Carolina A&T
Ladd, Ernie, Grambling
Lake, Gene, Delaware State
Land, Dan, Albany State
Lang, Izzy, Tennessee State 
Langhorne, Reggie, Elizabeth City 
Lanier, Willie, Morgan State 
Lassiter, Ike, St. Augustine’s
Laster, Anthony, Tennessee State
Latta, Greg, Morgan State
Lawrence, Henry, Florida A&M
Lee, Augusta, Alcorn State 
Lewis, Albert, Grambling State 
Lewis, Frank, Grambling State
Lewis, Leo, Lincoln, MO
Little, Larry, Beth-Cookman 
Little, Sherman, Tennessee State
Lloyd, Greg, Fort Valley State
Oran “Crip” Loving, Wiley
Lunsford, Mel, Central State, Ohio 
Mack, Milton, Alcorn State 
Magee, Calvin, Southern
Marsalis, James, Tennessee State 
Martin, Emerson, Hampton Inst
Massey, Robert, No. Car. Central
Mathis, Rashean, Beth-Cookman
Mathis, Robert, Alabama A&M
Matthews, Billy, Southern

Maynor, Connell, No. Carolina A&T
McClairen, Cy, Bethune-Cookman
McGee, Ben, Arkansas AM&N
McGee, Tony, Bishop College
McGriff, Tyrone, Florida A&M
McIver, Everette, Elizabeth City St
McJulien, Paul, Jackson State
McKenzie, John, Jackson State
McLemore, Thomas, Southern
McLinton, Harold, Southern
McNair, Fred, Alcorn State
McNair, Steve, Alcorn State
Meadows, Milton, Johnson C Smith
Mendenhall, John, Grambling State
Merchant, Frank, Florida A&M
Mickens, Terry, Florida A&M
Miles, Buddy, Tennessee State
Miles, Leo, Howard 
Miles, Rollie, St. Augustine’s
Miller, Cleo, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Milstead, Rod, Delaware State
Mitchell, Jim, Prairie View A&M
Mitchell, Jim, Virginia State
Mitchell, Willie, Tennessee State
Milton,Eugene,Florida A&M
Montford, Joe, South Carolina St
Moody, John, Morris Brown
Morgan, Melvin, Mississippi Valley
Morrison, Marvin, Winston-Salem 
Mosley, Henderson, Central St ,O
Moss, Zefross, Alabama State
Moten, Bobby, Bishop College
Motley, Marion, South Carolina St
Mullen, Rod, Grambling
Mumphford, Lloyd, Texas Southern
Murphy, Phillip, South Carolina St
Murray, Michael, Delaware State
Myles, Richard, Alcorn State
Napier, Keith, Howard
Narcissee, Donald, Texas Southern
Nelson, Terry, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Newsome, Billy Ray, Grambling St
Newsome, Tim, Winston-Salem St
Newton, Nate, Florida A&M
Nicholas, Calvin, Grambling State
Nichols, Walter, Mississippi Valley 
Norman, Pettis, Johnson C Smith
Odom, Henry, South Carolina State
Outlaw, John, Jackson State
Ragsdale, George, No. Car. A&T
Painter, Carl, Hampton Institute
Paremore, Robert, Florida A&M
Parrish, Lemar, Lincoln, MO
Passmore, Norm, Kentucky State
Patton, Joe, Alabama A&M
Payton, Eddie, Jackson State
Payton, Elfrid, Grambling State
Payton, Walter, Jackson State
Pearson, Darryl, Alabama State
Pegram, Victor, Prairie View A&M
Peoples, Woody, Grambling State
Perry, Gerald, Southern
Phillips, Jack, Alcorn State
Philyaw, Charles, Texas Southern
Piggott, Bert, North Carolina A&T
Pillars, Lawrence, Alcorn State
Pitts, Elijah, Philander Smith
Pitts, Frank, Southern 
Plunkett, Sherman, Maryland State
Poole, T.H., Florida A&M
Polite, Stoney, North Carolina A&T
Poole, Tyrone, Fort Valley State
Pope, Marvin, Central State, Ohio
Porcher, Robert, South Carolina St
Porter, Rufus, Southern
Posey, Odie, Southern

Powe, Karl, Alabama State
Pugh, Jethro, Elizabeth City State
Reaves, Ken, Norfolk State
Redmon, Alonza 
Reeburg, Lucias, Hampton Institute
Reed, Harvey, Howard
Reed, Jake, Grambling State
Reed, Jimmie, Fort Valley State
Reed, Matthew, Grambling State
Reese, Donald, Jackson State
Renfroe, Gilbert, Tennessee State
Rice, Jerry, Mississippi Valley State 
Richardson, Curtis, Winston-Salem
Richardson, Gloster, Jackson State
Richardson, Willie, Jackson State
Riley, Sr., Ken, Florida A&M
Rivers, Napolean, Talladega
Robinson, Eddie, Alabama State
Robinson, Eddie, Jr., Grambling St
Robinson, Isaiah, Southern 
Robinson, Jerry, Grambling State
Roe, James, Norfolk State
Romes, Charles, No. Car. Central
Rose, Donovan, Hampton Institute 
Rucker, Reggie, Bethune-Cookman
Sample, Johnny, Maryland State
Sawyer, Arthur, Tuskegee Institute 
Scales, Dwight, Grambling State
Scott, Herbert, Virginia Union
Scott, Patrick, Grambling State
Seals, Leon, Jackson State
Sellers, Goldie, Grambling State
Sharpe, Shannon, Savannah State 
Sheffield, Chris, Albany State
Shell, Art, Morgan State
Shell, Donnie, South Carolina State
Shelley, Jason, Central St, Ohio
Shiancoe, Visanthe, Morgan State
Silvey, Rozelle, Tuskegee Institute
Sims, Harvey, Fisk
Singleton, Nate, Grambling State
Sistrunk, Manny, Ark – Pine Bluff
Slater, Jackie, Jackson State
Small, Torrance, Alcorn State
Smith, Charles, Grambling  State
Smith, Ed, Texas Southern
Smith, Fernando, Jackson State
Smith, Fletcher, Tennessee State
Smith, J.D., North Carolina A&T
Smith, Jimmy, Jackson State
Smith, Noland, Tennessee State
Smith, Sean, Grambling State
Solomon, Freddie, So. Carolina St
Sorey, Jim, Texas Southern
Sowells, Rich, Alcorn State
Spinks. Jack, Alcorn State
St. Clair, Mike, Grambling 
Stallworth, John, Alabama A&M
Stamps, Sylvester, Jackson State
Stargell, Tony, Tennessee State
Stevenson, Ben, Tuskegee Institute
Strachan, Michael, Texas Southern
Strange, Forrest, Tennessee State
Stroud, Morris, Clark Atlanta
Stukes, Charlie, Maryland State
Suber, Alan, Bethune-Cookman
Sumrall, Fred, Tennessee State
Swain, Connell, Southern
Sykes, Terry, Grambling State
Tadlock, Brute, Tuskegee
Tate, Golden, Tennessee State
Taylor, Alva, Tuskegee Institute
Taylor, John, Delaware State
Taylor, Nat, Tennessee State
Taylor, Malcolm, Tennessee State
Taylor, Otis, Prairie View A&M
Taylor, Roosevelt, Grambling State

Terry, Floyd, Talladega
Tharpe, Larry, Tennessee State
Thierry, John, Alcorn State
Thigpen, Yancey, Winston-Salem St
Thomas, Brian, Southern
Thomas, Dennis, Alcorn State
Thomas, Emmitt, Bishop 
Thomas, Isaac, Bishop
Thomas, Johnny, Alcorn State
Thomasson, Leon, Texas Southern
Thompson, Bennie, Grambling St
Thompson, Billy, Maryland State
Tillman, Cedric, Alcorn State
Tillman, Lewis, Jackson State
Tolliver, Charles, Tuskegee Institute
Totten, Willie, Mississippi Valley St
Towns, Brawnski, Alabama A&M
Trawick, Herb, Kentucky State
Tucker, Bill, Tennessee State
Turk, Godwin, Southern
Tyler, Alfred, Livingstone  
Turner, Elsworth, No. Carolina A&T
Wagner, Barry, Alabama A&M
Wainwright, Eric, Delaware State
Walker, Jay, Howard
Walker, George, Morris Brown
Walls, Everson, Grambling State
Walton, John, Elizabeth City State
Ward, Charlie, Sr., Florida A&M
Ward, James, Virginia State
Ward, Harry, Wu Fang, Wilberforce
Ware, Willie, Miss Valley State
Washington, Dan, Grambling State
Washington, Joe, Tuskegee
Washington, Mark, Morgan
Waters, Andre, Cheyney State
Webster, Dave, Prairie View A&M 
Wells, Warren, Texas Southern
Wheeler, Dwight, Tennessee State
White, Jose, Howard
White, Joseph, Livingstone 
White, Sammy, Grambling State
Whitfield, A.B., Elizabeth City State
Whitmon, Samuel, Tennessee State
Whittington, C.L., Prairie View A&M
Wilkerson, Doug, No. Car. Central
Wilkes, Keith, Winston-Salem State
Williams, Aeneas, Southern  
Williams, Charles, Ark-Pine Bluff
Williams, Cleveland, Southern
Williams, Doug, Grambling State 
Williams, Erik, Central State, Ohio
Williams, John T., Langston
Williams, Lee, Bethune-Cookman
Williams, Marvin, Mississippi Valley
Williams, Terry, Bethune-Cookman
Williams, Wally, Florida A&M
Williams, Willie, Grambling State 
Wilson, Jerry, Southern
Wilson, Johnathan, Hampton Inst.
Wilson, Nehemiah, Grambling St
Wilson, Steve, Howard
Winbush, Michael, Winston-Salem 
Wonsley, Otis, Alcorn State
Woods, Larry, Tennessee State
Woods, Robert, Tennessee State
Woody, James, Central State, Ohio
Wright, Rayfield, Fort Valley State
Wyatt, Alvin, Bethune-Cookman
Wynn, Wil, Tennessee State
Young, Roynell, Jackson State
Young, Willie, Grambling State
Younger, Paul, Grambling State

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