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Cheyney and Stringer

C. Vivian Stringer: Farewell to 50 Years of Excellence

A Mother, Mentor, Friend, Achiever

There have been so many stories written about legends who have stood the test of time. No two are the same, and when you consider what obstacles life can present, very few have triumphed more than Charlene Vivian Stringer. She deserves one of those statues reserved for the great leaders of all time. 
In the world of coaching, she has been enshrined in every hallowed basketball hall of fame long behind she reached this point. Starting at little Cheyney State University, before it was ever recognized as a basketball entity, she found destiny awaiting her. Despite having to 
overcome personal challenges that would have broken many dreams, she had the kind of faith and temerity that never wavered. And it influenced those around her, especially her young proteges who came to believe in her instincts that you can win despite the lack of resources and support that more affluent women’s basketball programs enjoyed. Those values extended far beyond the court where she taught them to believe they could become winners and more.
She ends a storied career that spanned five decades that culminates with her becoming the only coach – men or women – to take three different programs to final fours.  

Making History: Cheyney State Lady Wolves had a 23-0 win streak

Black college basketball hit the bigtime stage in the 1950s when the mens  college teams from Texas Southern and Tennessee A&I broke through. It was 1975 when Black college women’s basketball made their impact.
Although the Cheyney State Lady Wolves didn’t make an appearance until 1980, they began to emerge as a contender the next year and a year later, they put together their greatest season ever when they played in the finals of the inaugural 1982 NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball Tournament.
How did they get there?
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