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Akpan, Unyime, St. Augustine’s.
Alverson, Constantine, Central State, O
Banton, Steve, Lincoln, MO
Barnes, Johnnie, Hampton
Bartlett, Kevin, Lincoln, MO
Bassett, Melvin, North Carolina Central
Bethel, Leonard, Lincoln, PA
Berry, Adam, Southern-Baton Rouge
Black, Larry, North Carolina Central
Bolden, Gregory, Albany State
Boone, Dennis, St. Augustine’s
Borican, John, Virginia State
Boston, Ralph, Tennessee State
Boyd, David, Fis
Boyd, Jason, St. Augustines
Bragg, Art, Morgan State
Brokenburr, Ken, St. Augustine’s
Brown, Bob, UMES
Brown, Carl, Winston-Salem State
Bruce, Kimour, Lincoln, MO
Bunch, James, ark-Pine Bluff
Bush, Theodis, Texas Southern
Calhoun, Lee, North Carolina Central
Callicutt, Anthony, Virginia State
Cannon, Marlin, St. Augustine’s
Carpenter, Terrell, St. Augustine’s
Christian, John, Virginia State
Clark, Lerone, Lincoln, MO
Clemons, Eric, Lincoln, MO
Coleman, Chris, St. Augustine’s
Copela, Chris, St. Augustine’s
Cornelius, Jason, Morehouse
Corvall, John, Tuskegee
Cotton, Terrell, Lincoln.MO
Cuffee, Bill, Norfolk State
Culbreath, Josh, Morgan State
Corvall, John, Tuskegee
Cummins, Kirk, Southern-NO
Daley, Ian, UMES
Davenport, Willie, Southern
Davenport, Ricky, Southern
Davis, Chris, North Carolina Central
Davis, Lanceford, St. Augustine’s
Dayne, Cameron, Morehouse.05
DeRosier, Phillipe, St. Augustine’s
DeSilva, Neil, Central State, O
Donaldson, Xavier, St. Augustine’s
Douglas, Kirk, Prairie View
Ellerbe, Mozelle, Tuskegee
Evans, Randall, St. Augustine’s
Fabian, Hutchinson. St. Augustine’s
Fearon, Barry, Lincoln, PA
Findley, Adrian. St. Augustine’s
Fisher, Kawane, Lincoln, MO
Flimmons, Randall, Morehouse
Forster, Earl, North Carolina Central
Foster, Charles, North Carolina Central
Francis, Harold, Ark-Pine Bluff
Francis, Michael, St. Augustine’s
Frazier, Charlie, Texas Southern
Gant, Chris, Prairie View
Gatlin, Chris, Prairie View
Gilbert, Elias, Winston-Salem State
Gold, Jeff, Norfolk State
Goodwin, Guy, Morgan State
Gordon, Elgin, St. Augustine’s
Gordon, Steve, Kentucky State

Graham, Trevor, St. Augustine’s
Gray, Sterling, Albany State
Green, Leford, Johnson C. Smith
Grimes, Hamil, Kentucky State
Hall, Tony, Norfolk State
Harrell, Tyrone, St. Augustine’s
Harris, Elmore, Morgan State
Hartfield, John, Texas Southern
Hadrick, George, Lincoln, PA
Hashan, Gilbert, St. Augustine’s
Hayden, Ryan, St. Augustine’s
Hayes, Bob, Florida A&M
Hayward, Carlos, Prairie View
Higgins, Emmitt, St. Augustine’s
Hines, Jim, Texas Southern
Hodge, Neville, Morgan State
Holley, Keith, St. Augustine’s
Howell, Floyd, Central State, O
Hoyden, Ryon, St. Augustine’s
Hutchinson, Fabian, St. Augustine’s
Jackson, Bershawn, St.Augustine’s
Jackson, Ray, Md– Eastern Shore
Johnson, Charles, Hampton
Johnson, Felix, Prairie View
Johnson, Frederick, Hampton
Johnson, Robert, North Carolina Central
Jones, John, Morgan State
Kemp, Jim, Kentucky State
Key, George, Prairie View
Kindred, Joe, St. Augustine’s
Knowles, Derrick, St. Augustine’s
Lang, Bobby, Florida A&M
Larry, Alfred, Lincoln, MO
Lawrence, Wayne, Central State
Leach, Timothy, St. Augustine’s
Lenin.III, Lawrence, Central State.O
Lewis, Johnny, Prairie View
Lindsey, Howard, UMES
Liscomb, Jesse, Morehouse
Lockett, Ricardo, Ft. Valley State
Louis, Wilan, St. Augustine’s
Magliore, Dane, St. Augustine’s
Magnum, Donald, Prairie View
Mahamed, Ali, St. Augustine’s
Mahorn, Rick, Hampton Institute
Mason, Mark, St. Augustine’s
Matthews, Vince, Johnson C. Smith
Mays, Charlie, Maryland State
McCray, Andrew, North Carolina Central
McDaniel, Adrian, Central State, O
McDonald, Stan, Lincoln, MO
McFadden, Marc, Lincoln, MO
McFadgen, David, Virginia State
McGirt, Ronnie, Albany State
Middleton, Joe, Win-Salem State
Milburn, Rod, Southern
Milton, Eugene, Florida A&M
Moffatt, Keith, Morehouse
Mohammad, Hakeem, No. Car. Central
Montgomery, Tim, Norfolk State
Moore, Anwar, St. Augustine’s
Moore, Darrin, St. Augustine’s
Morgan, Marco, St. Augustine’s
Morris, Michael, Norfolk State
Morris, Harley, UMES.84
Morrison, Fitzroy, St. Augustine’s
Moses, Edwin, Morehouse

Moss, Eric, Albany State
Myton, Maurice, Ark-Pine Bluff
Robert Munges, Florida A&M
Newhouse, Fred, Prairie View A&M
Noel, Kenneth, Texas Southern
Norris, Rory, St. Augustine’s
Odom, Deroski, St. Augustine’s
Pettigrew, Andrew, St. Augustine’s
Pierce, Jack, Morgan State
Powell, Hugh, Central State, O
Prince,Damian, Morehouse
Pryce, Anthony, Central State, O
Quinton, John, Alabama A&M
Randolph, Earl, St. Augustine’s
Reid, Dwayne, Hampton
Rhoden, George, Morgan State
Rhoden, Howard, Central State, O
Richards, Deon, Central State, O
Riddick, Steve, Norfolk State
Ridgeway, Renewick, Prairie View
Ritchie, Bill, Howard
Roberts, Edwin, North Carolina Central
Roberts, Greg, Morehouse.98
Roberts, Howard, Central State.O.93
Robinson, Marion, Johnson C. Smith.
Robinson, Rey, Florida A&M
Rodgers, Russ, Md.-Eastern Shore
Rogers, Earl, Md.-Eastern Shore
Rusan, Tim, St. Augustine’s.01
Sanders, Larry, St. Augustine’s
Sang, Julius, North Carolina Central
Santio, Al, Md.-Eastern Shore
Sapp, Amie, St. Augustine’s
Scott, Josh, St. Augustine’s
Scott, Rod, Prairie View A&M
Shaw, James, Prairie View A&M
Shelton, James, St. Augustine’s
Skinner, Edward, UMES
Smith, Dewond, Central State, O
Smith, George, Tuskegee
Smith, Walter, ark-Pine Bluff
Smoots, Jason, North Car. Central
Smothers, Henry, Ark-Pine Bluff
Stevens, Kendall, St. Augustine’s
Stevens, Willie, Tennessee State
Stevenson, Carl, Southern
Stinson, Elbert, Ark-Pine Bluff
Tate, Norman, North Carolina Central
Taylor, Hoova, Virginia State
Taylor, Robert, Texas Southern
Terrelonge, Clive, Lincoln, PA
Thomas, Charlie, Morehouse
Torrence, Jamaal, St. Augustine’s
Uoko, Robert, North Carolina Central
Vaden, Johnathan, Livingston
Vivett, Kerry, Norfolk State
Walker, Wilbert, Lincoln, PA
Warren, Terrence, Hampton
Washington, Francis, Win-Salem State
Washington, Ted, Miss. Valley State
Whitfield, A.B., Elizabeth City State
Williams, Broctor, Prairie View
Williams, Randolph, Kentucky State
Wooden, James, Fayetteville State
Wright, Decosma, Lincoln, PA
Yearwood, Ed, Morgan State
Young, Jerome, St. Augustine’s

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